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There are many things that can make you a Individual such as this photo of the late Babe Ruth ” The Bambino”. Standing Boldly at attention in this large crowd one of the many things that stood out in this picture was his bowtie in this day the Bowties spoke volume and status. Passing on...

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Prom season

Prom season is approaching and one style that will never go out of style is that of a Gentlemen. The top hat and bowtie combination has been incorporated into many fashion statements and style. This look is for sure a Bang when it comes to the debonair events of style for both men and women....

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Levels to this

There is levels to this Bowtie Lifestyle its more than just a tie from the unique different shapes to the way to style it this is a very unique craft in fashion . Noted here are just a few options of how to wear and the many options available to you from Butterfly to self...

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