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People wear bow ties to make a statement. There is a certain responsibility associated with wearing a bow tie, so I always tell folks to wear it well and behave like a gentleman.Bow ties can become a conversation piece or the center of attention, which makes choices about pattern and shape more important. The bow tie you choose will end up saying a lot about your personality and your character.

The Art of Wearing a Bow Tie

As someone who spent a couple of years abiding by a very strict dress code (white dress shirts, dark colored slacks or suits, and consversative dress shoes), I’ve grown to appreciate the ability to express oneself through what I wear. During this time, the only true way to express myself sartorially was through my ties. This was before I started to sport bow ties, and that meant that I scavenged thrift stores for epically bold and thick 70s ties… until the man put the kibosh on that practice. :(That’s partly why bow ties are so important to me. It’s self expression.

            There are many ways one can express themselves through bow ties. One easy way they can play up their personalities with bow ties is paying homage to other members of the fellowship. Now, gents who wear bow ties aren’t followers, but they can certainly tip their hats to others. Thus, many different types of men can draw inspiration from notable men. For instance, foodies have Alton Brown, musicians have Questlove of The Legendary Roots Crew and The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, smartypants have Bill Nye the Science Guy, sports fans have Dhani Jones and boxing referees who are required in some places to wear bow ties as part of their uniform (just understand the time and place for black tie attire), and cosplayers have Matt Smith’s Doctor from Doctor Who (and for the longtime fans Patrick Troughton’s as well). Doing so is also an excellent way to provide fodder for conservation when someone asks about their bow tie.

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